Sunday, November 07, 2004


I haven't written about Bush yet, because its just too confusing and too painful.

Painful because the election of Bush this year reflects how narrow the conscioussness of people are in this annoying country. People voted based on narrow issues, and constantly voted against their own interests. Although both parties are the parties of the rich, one is more so (Republicans) while the other is less so (Democrats), with all the rest of us, picking up whatever crumbs we can force out of these politicians and corporations. The majority of people who's votes were counted have made it clear that they side with the party of the super rich, even though obviously these people do not comprise that party. Instead these people chose to pick a candidate based on his stance with relationship to "normality" and the "national culture." Rather than believing that all people are truly equal or have inalienable rights, these people have decided that issues of religion are more important. Its painful to see, because as the government extends its power over our bodies and minds, through institutions such as HomeLand Security, those in power will use these agencies not to protect Americans from enemies or threats, but instead use it to protect what they perceive as normal or good. Pro-choice activists, political radicals, people on welfare and homosexuals will continue to be targeted as enemies of the state, and enemies of "American culture." The fact that 11 states have already passed anti-gay marriage laws reflects this crackdown on what is "abnormal."

Confusing because life won't be different for Guam really. Both Kerry and Bush would mean more military for Guam, which might be good in some senses (which we all know, and if anyone has forgotten, Joe Murphy, the PDN, KUAM and so many other sources will be glad to drill it into your head), but in the ways I am concerned with, it will be very very bad.

The only thing that I do notice is that Republican on Guam is slowly becoming Republican in the states. As a substanceless leader was elected Governor two years ago, a substanceless president has been elected this year. The Republicans now control the Legislature on Guam, not because they are the better party, or better represent the interests of the masses, but instead because they are the party who claims to better represent "economic leadership." In the 2002 election I asked many people why they had voted for Felix Camacho, most said, "well, we've got economic problems on Guam, so we need a businessman to fix it!." Notice how the Chamber of Commerce is getting more and more visible and powerful on island? This all has to do with the way "economy" is being constructed and represented, and most importantly, how it is related to increases in military presence. The Republicans claim to be the party of the private sector, while the Democrats are supposed to be that of GovGuam. The Republicans are working hard to piggyback the colonial induced hatred of GovGuam, and present themselves as the antidote for all Guam's ills.

I see bad things ahead for both Guam and the US, but I'm still not ready to flee to Canada or Palau.

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Anonymous said...

I still do not see any difference between Republicans and Democrats on Guam, they are all just the rich people. I don't "get" your argument is what I'm saying, mauleg blue or still the one, they are all the same as far as I am concerned.


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