Friday, March 25, 2005

Sovereignty Matters

I'll be presenting a paper at a conference at Columbia University in New York next month. I was really excited about it since ever since, but my excitement tripled today when I got an email from Frances Negron-Muntaner, the organizer. She pasted the following link below which is the poster for the conference. My excitement stems from the fact that my name is on the poster! BIBA!

Yes, for those paying attention or not easily excited, everyone who is presenting has their name on the poster, but nonetheless, my name has never been on any conference posters before! So this is a big moment for me.

To increase the bigness of this moment, the other people who will be presenting on Guam stuff are two of the biggest names in Chamorro scholarship and studies, my uncle and former Congressman Robert Underwood and Vince Diaz of U Mich. (Tina Taitano Delisle is also presenting, but she's not one of the biggest names yet, just like me).

Anyways, check out the poster, its awesome! Sigi' ha magof hu ya kalang taihinekkok!

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toni oh. said...

Congratulations! Think you might want to post some of your lectures/speeches here so we can read them? I doubt I'll ever get to see you speak...

If you are already doing so, sorry... haven't quite made it all the way through the archives. I have to call my mom for translations, because the most I learned about my culture is here at your site :-o


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