Friday, March 11, 2005

Chamorro International Market

Please try to support the Chamorro International Market here in San Diego. Tell all your friends and relatives to check it out. Si Yu'us Ma'ase.

Dear family and friends,I am writing in an effort to support our chelus, the cepeda family who opened a Chamorro International Market on Highland and Plaza Blvd. The store has much to offer us local folks. Food and other items that are we are particularly fond of and are especially hard to get. The price is very reasonable and more importantly very accessible to us. We don't have to wait for care packages from back home although we would still like to receive them.These are just some of the items available:Lemon powder, Salon Pilot, biscucho, chorizos pakpak (hot and regular); achote, diago, king car tea, asparagus biscuit, coconut milk, and.. many many more. In addition, he is very open to suggestions on what you would like to have made available at the store. (pls forgive the spelling)

Folks, I have been to the store and found it to be a great place to shop. As I know most of you will agree, we want to support our chamorro chelu in their efforts, especially when it always meets our needs. So, it is in this spirit that I write to all of you. Pete shared with me that he is seriously considering closing the store because he has been consistently losing money. This in part due to start up cost. Generally, It takes about a year for a business to begin to see profits. The problem is, this is a small family effort, and they have had to dig deep into their savings. They will not able to sustain the store for another few months. I would hate to see this store closed. You see, I don't believe that it is because of a lack of interest. I believe that a lot of chamorros are not aware about the store, so here goes, I am asking you all to pass this information by email, by phone and by mouth so that the Chamorros can come out in full force to show that we do indeed want a Chamorro Store in San Diego. And.. I am asking you to go and check out the store for yourself.

The directions are:805 south. Exit on Plaza, take a right and go straight (pass Sea Food City) till you get to Highland where you will take a left. Wal-Mart will be on your right, immediately past Wall Mart to your left is the Chamorro Store. The phone number is: (619) 477-9695 Parking is limited but there is addition parking in the rear of the building. The address is:1235 Highland AveNational City, CA 91950 Hope that we can all come out in full force to make this much needed store a welcome reality. Thank you for all your support. Remember, pls. forward this email to as many people as you can. Thank you very much.

Dorothy Tenorio
Doreen San Nicolas
Vince Manibusan

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