Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The time has finally, almost come.

For more than a year, me and a friend of mine (Josette Quinata) (I call her friend, cause I know she will be, even though up til this point we haven't met in person yet, only across phone lines and through emails) have been talking about doing a CD recording of a discussion about what young Chamorros can do to help their island and their culture.

Even while I've been busy with finishing up my school quarter, what to talk about, how to articulate my ideas has been heavy in my mind.

What can Chamorros do? Especially young Chamorros, what can we do?

For weeks, a thread burned on FANAHGUE'YAN (the link is to the right of this post) about whether or not Chamorro culture can be saved. While for most who posted in that topic, this issue is easy enough resolved. Of course it can!

I wish, desperately that it was that easy, as just saying something like that, and then all your actions and interventions will be protected by your passion and love.

But I know better that these types of interactions can be dangerous, and almost always you are acting without any clear sense of what the consequences will be. A book published, a movie released can mean nothing. Can have no impact whatsoever. Or they can have all the impact in the world. You never now when you are making something, how its existence, its presence will change the coordinates of life.

This recording, while surely small, will hopefully be one which will help change the coordinates arond which Chamorros understand themselves, relate to each other and relate to the United States.

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