Friday, March 25, 2005

Chamorro conservative alert!

I received this email a few days ago from a concerned Chamorro conservative, who worries that I have become under the influence of Liberals out there. It seemed so out of character then the usual hate mail I receive, which focuses on how pathological and beyond help me and those like me are. This one actually seemed concern for me in that I am ignorant and wrong.

Enjoy as best as you can when you read something as insane as this:

Michael, you have the correct idea of involving the Chamorro people in politics to become a “voice of the island”. I, myself am working on getting the Chamorro people to register to vote and get involved.
However, Michael, it is my believe that as a former resident of Los Angeles, you are influenced by the Liberals out there.
The fact of the matter is that Chamorro people resemble the Republican Party more as they are devout Roman Catholics (i.e. pro-lifers, anti gay lifestyle, etc. etc.).
If you would do your research you will find that the Democrats have been lying about the Republican Party for ages! The Democrats are the wealthier people (ask Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Ophra), AND … they are NOT there for the MINORITES! The fact of the matter is that the Republican Party originated under Abraham Lincoln to FREE THE SLAVES and ALLOW WOMEN TO VOTE.
As for President Bush … he’s the first President to put minorities in high power! Ask the Attorney General, Secretary of State, United States Treasurer and the whole bunch in office now!
The Hispanics and a lot of Blacks are coming to support the Republican Party like never before! The proof is in the pudding.
The Democrats want Minorities to remain in a poverty position. It is them who put the Gays and Lesbians in high positions and give them the status of “minorities” like you and me.
I hope you wake up the truth Che’lu.
Si Yuus Maase!

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