Friday, August 06, 2010

Hiroshima Trip, Post 5: To My Little Darling

Kana' tumanges annai hu taitai este na betsu. Gi i tiempo-ku guini giya Hapon, meggai na estoria hu hungok put i pinadesin i maninafekta ni' i hinatmen atomic. Siempre bula na aniti gi este na lugat, sa:' siempre Siha chumochonnek i taotao guini mo'na gi i kinalamten kontra atmas nuclear.
Un hibakusha na palao'an tumuge' este gi 1973. Estaba gui giya Hiroshima annai hinatme ni' i atmas atomic, lao ti matai gui'. Lao annai mumapotge gui' duru chathinasso-na na sina nina'dano' i patgon-na ni' i radiation. Ha tuge'i i patgon-na este annai gaigaige ha' gi halom i tiyan-na. Para este na klasin taotao (i mannina'ye radiation), guaha racism kontra siha, sa' nu i otro na taotao Hapon, kalang kalaskas, but manamatatse este siha. Ti debi di un asagua este na klasin taotao siha sa' attelong i haga'-niha, madano' i tahtaotao-niha. Achokka' esta 65 na sakkan desde ayu na baba na ogga'an, sigi ha' ma susedi gui' ta'lo'lo kada na mafanagu un patgon.

Hu sodda' este na betsu gi un hinekka' tinige' i na'an-na "Burned Like Fallen Leaves."
Estague i betus. Yanggen ti pinacha' hao ni', buente ti taotao hao, buente mismo acho' i korason-mu yan lamas esta i ante-mu.
To My Little Darling
by Mitsue Furuta

Are your hands all right?
Do you have two eyes?
How about ears and a nose?

You will laugh to hear this,
But I am very uneasy.
Although your mother is healthy,
You might be -------- You might be ----------
Because of that hot flash that sparkled that day
Because of the black rain that fell that day

Indescribable sufferings of those people
Burned as if they were old rags
Are unbearable to me,
Unbearable to these eyes that have not even seen the disaster
Is it because I am a mother now
That I can see what happened that day?

Spring is knocking on the window-pane.
Soon will midsummer flowers
Bloom in the dazzling sun.
Then will you stretch your arms?
What will you see when you first open your eyes?
What will you feel for the first time in your life?
When that happy day comes
The day of your coming into the world,
Your mother will celebrate
With your father and friends.
The blue sky, the flowers, the little round sun,
All will celebrate.

Will you accept
These humble gifts,
My little one?


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