Saturday, August 21, 2010

Help Fund This Project!!!!

Hermon and Jeannae made the following short piece about the recent protest at the Pagat trailhead, while they were recently here on Guam filming for their project "Weaving Solidarity." If you actually watch it, you can see my dongkalo yan chatpa'go na face, and Sumahi's sleeping form on my shoulder within the first few seconds. Hermon and Jeannae interviewed me while at the protest and I guess what I had to say resonated with them. I'm not the only person that they interviewed while they were here, they also talked to people from the National Trust, Joe Quinata, John Benavente, members of We Are Guahan and even Carl Peterson from the Chamber of Commerce.

Pagat Rough cut from Hermon Farahi on Vimeo.

Later on we had more conversations about Guam's past and present and about what directions they can take with their documentary project, and so I think I'll be signing on to help as a producer. There are so many angles from which you can cover Guam right now, from either a journalistic or academic context and so it'll be both frustrating and fun trying to figure out which concepts to use and stories to tell. Is Guam a story of simple militarization? A resurgence of indigenous identity and community? The local struggling against the national or the global? An emboldening of colonialism proper? An attempt at decolonization?

In the meantime, Hermon and Jeannae's project needs funding. Its just at its start and so if you are able to please donate using the widget above. They are hoping to reach a goal of $3,500 via kickstarter (which if they reach will lead to more funds) and only have 12 days left.

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