Thursday, July 10, 2008

...job loss, failing schools, prohibitively expensive health care, pensions at risk...

Everytime I see film of that infamous green background speech that John McCain gave a few weeks ago, I cringe. Ko'lo'lo'na annai ha chalekin maisa gui'! Especially when he laughs at himself.

He reminds me of an old man who isn't quite old enough yet to not care about other people's discomfort and be oblivious to whether or not they are paying attention, and so still nervously tries to provoke people to respond to what he is saying, to pay attention to him. That little smile that he gives makes me feel sad, but also sends a shiver up my spine.

Last month, in an effort to spice up the faltering campaign of John McCain, Stephen Colbert threw down another gauntlet to net-savy audience, by challenging them to take a short segment from that infamous speech, and twist it until John McCain was exciting!

Some of the entries have been uploaded to Youtube and so I'm posting them below. I have to admit, that even though watching the actual video of the speech makes me cringe, to hear that sound byte repeated over and over in these clips, just makes it even more hysterical.

Na'magof hao.


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