Hafa na Liberasion #14: US Reoccupation Day

'Liberation or US re-occupation day?'
From the July 4, 2008
Marianas Variety


On July 21, 2008, the people of Guam will again celebrate our so-called "Liberation Day."

It is sad that our Chamorro leaders back in July 21, 1944, did not know that the American liberators became the re-occupation forces for the next 64 years.

As a result, Guam and the Chamorro people continue to remain under U.S. colonial rule to the present day, without any hope of exercising our human right to self-determination.

Dr. Dirk Ballendorf has stated in a 2004 letter that "?the Marianas was invaded and captured in order to build bases to launch planes to bomb the home islands of Japan. The liberation of the Chamorros was incidental to this main military objective."

The professor went on to say that "Guam, as an unincorporated territory, is a piece of property which, technically, Congress could sell if it desired."

We now celebrate our recapture from Japan and commemorate our colonization every year, every July 21st.

The following excerpts from a letter five years ago by American "liberators" Darrel Doss, Robert Arzenberger, Loran "Pee Wee" Day, Carilisle "Ki" Evans, and Elmer Mapes, stated "we have been honored as liberators, but did we truly liberate Guam? The answer is no. We only partially liberated you. The Congress of the United States could earn the title of true liberators by granting this paradise of the Pacific Commonwealth Status. Congress should also grant the citizens of Guam equal rights and voting privileges that we in the 50 states have enjoyed for years."

These statements, by a distinguished professor at UOG and the liberators themselves, bear witness that we are not truly liberated. So what kind of liberation do the people of Guam celebrate on July 21 every year?

Chamorro leaders and historians are so adamant and proud it seems to display just how unfortunate we are --- free, but subjugated; liberated, but occupied; proud, but second-class citizens; democratic, but colonized.

Maybe our so-called liberation means we are free as long as we remain under the control of the United States, a captured colony ? land and people and that's why our political status, return of stolen Chamorro homelands, war reparation, etc? are all but doomed.

Maybe this kind of liberation means massive military buildup that will not only ruin us, but is certain to change the course of the history of Guam and her Chamorro people forever, our free-doomed!

Celebrating liberation day? It should be "U.S. Re-occupation Day" with no end or true peace in sight! And our leaders and historians said, "Amen!"

Vicente "Fa'et" Garrido
Maga'lahi i Nasion Chamoru


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