Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hafa Guaguaha?

Things do you should know about:

The "suicide" of PFC Lavena Johnson
To act go to Color of

On July 13, Minutemen in San Diego protest the 40th National Council of La Raza meeting.

Israeli military shoot at protesters and kill a 9 year old Palestinian boy in the occupied West Bank.

Senator John Mccain takes another step towards war with Iran.

Randy Pausch, famous for his "Last Lecture" died on July 25th.

Alaska Senator and longtime political ally of other non-quite American "political communities" is indicted on seven counts of failing to report a combined $250,000 worth of "favors" from Veco Corporation. This is not a big surprise to anyone who knows anything about Ted Stevens, and isn't not a surprise either that he's still gonna run for re-election this year.

A B-52 scheduled for a fly-over of Guam's Liberation Day parade on July 21st, crashes into the sea. It is the seventh incident involving military aircraft on Guam over the past year.

Senator Obama, while visiting troops in Kuwait, drains a 3-pointer and becomes President of the United States.

I haga-hu Sumåhi, esta diesi sais na meses gui', and she's started to learn how to use the computer!

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