Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is the use of "Macgyver" as a verb, a botched attempt at greatness, or just plain greatness?

Here are 10 "words" which I will be incorporating into my speech this week, as if they had always already been there. They originated as a number of different things, slips in speech, botched attempts at greatness, accidentally kismet or resonance, nothing in common becoming an obvious commonality.

Remember nai, language is about expression, not communication.

Tinaktak: To be well connected, especially in terms of getting employed in the Government of Guam. Origin: While saying that someone was "gof connected," Madonna misheard me and thought that I said that he was "tinaktak."

"Kao un hungok put Si Bernadette, gof tinaktak gui'."

Chahiro: Warm chocolate milk. Origin: Something my little sister Alina came up with after watching Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Not exactly sure how or why.

"You guys want some chahiro before we watch Howl's Moving Castle?"

Buntakun: A big dork, in particular someone who has either prima donna tendencies, or tends to see enemies everywhere. Origin: Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu!

"Great, is he being a buntakun again?"

Cheater Manahak: Exclaimation, often used to tease someone or toka' them. Origin: Madonna's mother.

"Cheater manahak!"

Afuyo' Mafoyung: A love that literally knocks the reason and restraint out of you. Origin: Japanese word, "Afuyo" first found in Lone Wolf and Cub book #20, and the Chamorro word "Mafoyung." The "y" in both words should be pronounced as a "z."

"Like freaking afuyo' mafoyung, there she was."

Labialities: Unreal realities. Reality which is primarily marked by fluidity as opposed to constancy or consistency. Origin: Helping Rita type up her notes for her notes for her sessions, I first used it in Battle for Kamchatka #3.

"Two solutions to the predicament of the sovereign, are hyper visibility and labiality."

Sinekkai: To have a crush on someone. Origin: The Chamorro word "sokkai" meaning to snag or get caught on something.

"Oh lana, sinekkai yu' ni' este na bunita na chika!"

Taweez: A bracelet, armband, wristband or necklace that contains a wish. Or an object which is worn until an unrequited love has run its course, at which point it is either lost or one forgets to put it back on.

"This bracelet is a taweez for that one Japanese girl I met last year."

The Light of Nameless Unbelief: The excess that God cannot necessarily control, but which nonetheless constitutes him as God. Origin: Battle for Kamchatka #1.

"The light of nameless unbelief will pierce this world, tearing it to pieces."

Macgyver: To rig something up on the spot, to use whatever's around to fix something up. Sometimes referred to as "indigenous ingenuity." Origin: I first heard it used years ago, when students were trying put a stereo and some speakers together to listen to music in class.

"This thing is pretty old, but I'm pretty sure we could Macgyver it somehow."

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