Thursday, March 16, 2006

Battle For Kamchatka

The moment na in na'lilisto (Hami yan i mane'lu-hu siha) desde i ma'pos na sakkan, put fin u fatto.

After years of hording comic books, talking and debating comic history and theory, and creating comic book characters that stayed just on sketch pages, we are at last on the edge of actually making an actual comic.

Me and my brothers will be officially presenting our comic Battle for Kamchatka at this year's Alternative Press Expo (APE), on April 8 and 9. For more info on the Expo go to

We will have two issues, inked and lettered to show, and will be looking for someone to publish our stuff. If any of you are interesed in learning more about the comic, or know of any leads for publishing let me know. We will also be either selling or giving away a number of ashcans, or limited edition preview comics. Kamchatka is the world of our comic and part of the mystery which both the characters and the readers will struggle with, is how exactly do things end up in Kamchatka? In our ashcans we will be providing five stories, each of which follows a character along a different path that leads them to fall into Kamchatka. Here's some script from the first issue, one of our main characters, Jackson after newly falling into Kamchatka encounters the followers of Omaad the Omnipotent who claims to be The Messiah of Kamchatka:

OMAAD: You must have fallen just moments ago if you do not know of my Greatness. Amusing, and yet so troubling.

OMAAD: Sate my curiosity. Where did you come from?

JACKSON: I don't know.

OMAAD: I thought so. Well it doesn't matter anyway.

OMAAD: In this place, there is nowhere except through me. I am the Messiah all here seek. Especially those who do not know it yet such as yourself. My gospel is one of mercy, compassion, transformation, redemption and salvation! Take the faith that I offer you, hold it deep within you and follow me.

OMAAD: I walked amongst you once not knowing who I was. Thinking that this mortal corpse was the ends of me. I was an angel poacher, using this immortal blade to strike down those heavenly creatures! One fought back, smearing my arm with his blood destroying it. Before he died, his opaque eyes pleased to me in final recognition. He called me Savior, he begged for my forgiveness. It was then I understood my fall. I was the Messiah. The Lord of this world.

OMAAD: I had clouded my bision, drained my powers, so that I might walk amongst you. So that I could know you, preach to you and find those amongst you who deserved my graces, my love. Do not any of you feel used to this world as it is! For it will soon crumble. Its destruction has been prophesized by myself as well as Guild approved clerics Sahuma the Wise and Mr. Cleo. The light of nameless unbelief will pierce this world, tearing it to pieces. At the end of that lightness where no desire or thought can survive there shall be only me and those who take refuge in my shadow!

GEEKY MINION: Such is the gospel of Omaad the Omniscent, protected by copyright. Piracy is stealing!

OMAAD: Will you join my flock.

JACKSON: I, I don't know. I just need -

JACKSON: Ahhh! (Jackons' hair is yanked by a follower)

OMAAD: My glory and grace before you and yet you hesitate!!!

OMAAD: I have many enemies, doubt and recitence most mortal among them. Since it seems that doubt is your messiah, does that make you my enemy as well? A believer has no hesitation.

JACKON: Wait, give me another chance-

OMAAD: You have wasted one chance, why waste another on the you that you are?

OMAAD: You see, I cannot cast aside all who are at one point without belief. Where would my famous compassion be if I did so?

JACKSON: Ask me again, give me another chance please?

OMAAD: This chance isn't yours. Faith doesn't belong to you, something only you hold. There are many ways that faith is found. But personal acceptance is by no means my favorite. I've found that conversion is the quickest and most efficient means for instilling belief in the non-believer. You are of no use to me, but the believer that you will become is welcome in my shadow.

OMAAD: The task of converting non-believers such as yourself is one I give only to my most faithful followers. Please prepare him to be converted. (A line of menacing conversionists approach Jackson brandishing a variety of different weapons (rakes, knives, fists, etc.)

OMAAD: Make his faith worthy of my grace.

OMAAD: You will soon know beyond knowing my love. I am the Messiah, the one and only. Beyond the doubt. Past the pain. Beyond the qayamat. There is only Me.

I don't want to say much more yet, not until we've officially presented the comic to the public, but I guarantee that if you like warm, fuzzy schizophrenic comics, you will love Battle for Kamchatka. I'm doing the writing, Jack is doing the art and inking, and Yuri Kuri (Jeremy) is doing the lettering.

I'm pasting above a draft we did for one of the covers. Failed draft, and sorry that the scanner wasn't big enough to fit the entire page.

I will of course have more info soon. Nangga na'ya.

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