Thursday, October 20, 2005

Japanese Characters

I'm looking for anyone out there in cyberspace who can read Japanese characters.

Here's the reason why.

Last week, I had an amazing night with this one girl. I cooked her dinner, we made bonelos aga' together, and then we painted a painting together. It was the most fun I'd had in a long time.

Before we started painting I asked her if she made any art. She said just caligraphy. I said that I've always admired people who can do that, because I suck the worst in the world at it. We decided to paint a background together, and then she would write Japanese caligraphy on top of it.

We made a beautiful background together, but when it came time to write something on it, this girl wasn't sure what to write. I told her, she could write whatever she wanted, in fact she wouldn't have to tell me what it meant. She agreed and after testing out some drawings in her notebook, she wrote some beautiful characters on our painting.

At first, I was content not to know what the characters were. But days later, I find myself thinking more and more about this girl, and naturally more and more about the characters. What had she written?

For those unfamaliar with my social inabilities, I find it impossible to tell when someone is attracted to me. If a girl hit me on the head and yelled at me, "I'm in love with you!" I would sit there and ponder hysterically, "what could she mean by that?" "What did she mean by love?" "When she said "you" was she referring to me?" Not a very fun life, and something which makes dates and dating insane experiences at best.

To tell you the truth, I had no idea whether this evening was even a date or not. But regardless, I really like this girl, and so I have this hope that she liked me too and to this end, I have this fantasy that somehow she expressed her affection for me in this text that I was never supposed to read.

So if anyone out there is willing to try and do some translation for me, I would really appreicate it. Email me and I'll send you a photo of the painting.

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may said...

you are freaking hilarious. and in freaking good luck, too. my co-worker's partner is a professional japanese translator. i knew i was in your life for some good reason! so, if you send me a copy of your painting, your hysteria over the elusive will soon dissolve into the illusory security of knowing - unless you secretly relish that angst in the way we all secretly relish hot dogs and taco bell.


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