Thursday, October 06, 2005

B4K Update!

Great news for those who care! The pencils for the first issue of B4K are officially done! 22 pages! BIBA!

I che'lu-hu Si Jack , finished them up a few days ago. Over the weekend we're going to make a number of copies and hopefully in the next week or so, all meet up in Los Angeles and have an inking session. We'll also work on our proposal for Image Comics, since Jack is still set on publishing through them (and I'm still the artist who would rather commit suicide then listen to Erik Larsen say "hmmm, I don't know about this, you might want to change this, it just doesn't work.")

Although I've never really liked Erik Larsen that much, one thing I did enjoy from Savage Dragon was the extensive letters pages. That's one thing that we're trying to do for B4K. Because we basically throw the characters and the readers into a world, neither know very much about, I'm planning on writing a statement at the end of each issue, which will hint at the issues I think I'm dealing with in that issue, as well as inspirations for the dialogue, theme, events or characters.

Well, regardless of Image or not, we're trying to get this first issue, inked, lettered and published by the Alternative Press Expo next February. I think we can do it. But wish us luck anyways!

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