Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Angels carrying savage weapons

Returning to my last post, this verse (which I got from the film The Prophecy) is one of the strangest from the Bible.

"Even now in Heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons."

Hafa kumekeilek-na este? Kao kumekeilek-na Si Santo Paul na debi di manluhan hit nu i Si Yu'us yan i tentago'-na siha? Sa' achokka' guaha un bandan guinaiya gi as Yu'us, guaha lokkue un bandan ni' savage, yan tinaklalu?

The interesting part of course (as one poster kindly pointed out to me) is that its probably not actually in the Bible. But in response to the questions (would you really want to meet an Angel?) opened up by the movie, one might almost expect (along the lines of my last post) that it would be there. Precisely because it would lead us down the road of thinking out these things which remain unthought. Regardless of whether or not it is really in the Bible, it still plays a descriptive role in fleshing out those unthought, but very much felt questions about faith and religion.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you're joking about the "verse" from the Bible, "Even now in Heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons." I don't think that's actually in the Bible, the scriptwriters kinda made it up to progress the storyline of the movie. Paul didn't write a gospel to get that verse from in the first place.

But you do pose a good point. The answer to that is one that I'm sure you've heard time and time again: While God is love, God is also perfect and just. I don't know if you want me to further expound the concepts, but if you want, just ask.

Sahuma Minagahet said...

I had a feeling it wasn't in the Bible, but I thought it strange that whoever wrote The Prophecy would situate the text in The Bible, as opposed to making it some new chapter in an undiscovered Bible, or some obscure religious text.

Anonymous said...

I just put a quick search in for "now in Heaven there were angels carrying savage weapons" at

Here is one of the ones I came up
he angels leading Enoch explained to him that this place is prepared for the righteous, while the terrible place prepared for the sinners is in the northern regions of the third heaven. He saw there all sorts of tortures, and impenetrable gloom, and there is no light there, but a gloomy fire is always burning. And all that place has fire on all sides, and on all sides cold and ice, thus it burns and freezes. And the angels, terrible and without pity, carry savage weapons, and their torture is unmerciful.

Kitty Purrs said...

It is a quote from the book entitled "After Hell" by Jeff Belding. The Apostle Paul was quoted as the speaker. Perhaps omitted or removed, much was - however Paul believed that all works inspired by the Spirit were of value.

Eclectic Breakfast said...

The excellent line at the conclusion of The Prophecy, “And the angels, terrible and without pity, carry savage weapons, and their torture is unmerciful.” Is from “The Ascension of Enoch,” found in Volume I, Chapter Three of _Legends of the Jews_ written by Louis Ginsberg (1909).

David Samuel said...

it is also in the Gnostic texts Enoch
My father new your father if you are son to Allen
The Bible as the word of God is total bullshit bit has been recreated since the Cousel in which Constantine a life long Pagan turns to Christianity for political reasons but now that we have the scrolls as well as other documents on line the Churches and all organised bullshitcan go by the wayside

U.N. Owen said...

Lke this blog's writer, I have no clue what's in the New Testament, as I'm not of those beliefs (unlike such DANGEROUS 'born again' lunatics like Sarah Palin, who - if you heard her (utterly bizarre, poor grammar, bad quotes, etc. - tries to make out like everyone in the states' religion is as she stuoidly said, 'out religion.'

U.N. Owen said...

I'm sorry, how old are you? Is that you in the picture?

I ask becuausr, as I said, I don't know that bible, but, I do know - VERY well - basic, simple(st) English, and in your first sentence, it's 'K-N-E-W,' NOT 'new.'


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