Excerpts from a terrifying article about Guam written in the 1960's. Notice how alot of these representations and images still haunt us today, and can be heard amongst Chamorros themselves, or haoles, Filipinos and sadly (but expectedly) from politicians in Washington D.C.

From the Guam Daily News, November 24, 1968...

Guam's Role in the Pacific Still Uncertain
by John Griffin, editorial page writer, the Honolulu Advertiser

...Guam, generally considered as a military outpost and one of Oceania's less exotic ports of call.

Such old impressions are less untrue than incomplete. Certainly this territory of the U.S. has been neither richly endowed by nature nor treated kindly by history....

...Marine Drive the business district which stretches for miles along the waterfront, is an unplanned disaster of alternating old and new stories...

....The result is not always an attractive reflection of the U.S. influence. However it does point up the increasingly thick layer of Americanization that covers a society where touches of Spanish social and political influences remain - making for a little Latinized Los Angeles at its worst.


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