Saturday, February 05, 2005


I'm going to try and translate this into Chamorro, can't wait to see how it turns out...what fun, even I don't know what'll happen. Translation is a real battle, and the people who just do it, aren't thinking enough about the universe colliding and collapsing which takes place. I feel schizophrenic when I do it, because I can feel the limits of languages and of myself to bridge them.

We say that there are things in some langauges which can't be translated. Sina, lao ti sina. Statements like that are very powerful in making sure that such translations, such bridging of the gulfs between cultures, peoples and times never take place. The fact of the matter is, everything can be translated, but the difficulty lies in releasing oneself to allow it to happen. One to one transformation won't yield anything close, new or probably inspiring (that's not a true statement, even if it feels true, strict translations can reveal their own serendipities), the real beauty lies in learning to think of oneself not in a single world, or within single seperate worlds, but constantly spanning and traversing them.

otro fino'-ta, this song is from a Hindi movie...

This boy is nutty as a pie
Why is to so hard to make him realize
That first the heart pines slowly
and only on the way one finds love
Then you fall freely

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