Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Sigi ha' mahalang yu' put Guahan, mismo i tano'-hu. Ai adai, todu na lugat na humanao yu', chatguahu put este na siniente. Taimanu na sina hu na'homlo este na ti kabales giya Guahu?

Here's a list of my current chinatsaga' gi lagu.

I am struggling against the limits of invisibility (Chamorro, what is that? Guam,where is that?) and fending off rare moments of hypervisibility (Chamorro,patriotic semi-American! Guam, military base!) and doing my best to fightoff impossibility (You know Chamorro (language) sounds exactly likeSpanish...But you guys dress like Americans...So Chamorros are different than Hawaiians?...etc...)

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