Estague un tinige' i ga'chong-hu. Ha tuge' este na kalang atdet i sinienten tinaiga'chong, kao annok?

Desde umayute' ham yan i hagas nobia-hu, hu nanangga taiguini. Ya kada na ha'ani hu diseseha mampos na u huyong un nuebu na guinaiya para Guahu. Ai lokkue.

Dream Lover
(sina) tinige' Naomi Cruz Sablan

There will come a time when things will fall into place
When the love will finally come and loneliness replaced
I long for the day when my dream of happiness comes true
But until then I await patiently for the love I crave from you

I don't know who you are or how you'll be
I know for sure I can feel if you're the one for me
And when that day comes, life will be bliss
with the warmth of your arms and your tender kiss

Dream love, ah, if only it wasn't just a dream
I wonder when will it happen or how long it will be
Will it be year's, months, days, or weeks?
I anxiously wait for that day we finally meet

Everywhere I go, everyone I see
All these people around are potentials to me
But I hesitate to look further, beyond what I see
For I know that one-day, love will find me


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