Constantine and Guam

Saw the film Constatine last week. Enjoyed it very much. Whoever edited it did such a bad job, I really enjoyed it. Actually, when something is as choppy as that in terms of dialogue, comprehension, hanging scenes, then you have to wonder if the machalapon nature of the flick isn't intentional. But then again, if you read Hellblazer comics, from which Constatine is derived, then you see how schizophrenic they can be, not necessarily because of the subject matter, but more because of the dozens of people who have scrapped together a personality for John Constatine, as well as the mythology for his universe. (I mean, you put Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison and others in a room, and you're gonna be bileng with bloody fish and chips).

One line in particular stayed with me after I walked out of the theater. It was of course, the only line from Keanu in the whole film which didn't make me snicker because this might be the only film in which I will say he acted worse than A Walk in the Clouds. The line was, "into the light I command thee." Pretty cool, at first I thought he had said, "into the light I commend thee." Which stuck with me for several minutes, making all that happened after it, kinda incongruent.

I want to use that line in a poem, I've already started writing it in my head, and on the back of receipts from Vons. I have this urge to try and excercise the demon in my head, which isn't my psychosis (nah, that dude pays rent, and helps me with my poetry and social life), but instead the ideological implants that I got from being socialized in Guam. We all have so many of these, wherever we come from, however one in particular demands to be written about.

I want to command into the light, the link between my thoughts and actions, the very discourse I create and the military industrial complex, the Project for the New American Century, the Pentagon, the Armed Forces Committee, the Department of the Interior and so on. I find myself, on a daily basis, even without knowing it sometimes, acting, thinking and speaking on behalf of men in suits, thousands of miles away, who want one thing for my island, that it remain a military colony of the US.

If somehow I can find a way to bring my own ideological demon within into the light of knowledge and cognizance, then maybe I can help others with it as well. Might be one of the few ways in which Guam could ever be decolonized.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the scene where the woman is being held below the water, and thinks everything is going great, until she realizes that she has to drown in order to get the sight!

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