Friday, January 07, 2005

Taya' Nukes giya i Pasifik Umbre!

Anyone interested in making sure the Pacific isn't destroyed through nuclear testing, nuclear accidents or anything else which is rarely discussed about the militarization in the region, please get in touch with Fanai Castro. I've posted her release below.

Dear Friends:1 March, 2005 will mark the 51st anniversary of the day the nuclear bomb“Bravo” was detonated on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.Internationally acknowledged by human rights groups throughout the world,1 March has become a day to remember those who have suffered and died as aresult of nuclear experimentation, uranium mining, nuclear weapons testingand nuclear waste dumping. It is also a day celebrating the strength andendurance of Pacific peoples who have maintained and continue to protectour languages, lands and cultural practices, ensuring that the ways ofliving and being handed down from our ancestors are passed on to futuregenerations."Guahan Artists’ Collective" will be sponsoring a project to acknowledgethe historical significance of March 1, resounding the cry here in Oceaniafor a Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific dedicated to global solidaritythrough peaceful means and committed to the high value of interdependence,love and respect for all forms of life. We believe in a group consciencethat recognizes the importance of cultural and tradition-minded solutions,which have already ensured Pacific peoples’ survival for thousands ofyears. We aim to create an atmosphere that will nurture and develop avoice among our community, to generate a greater sense of awareness on ouridentity as Pacific Islanders through the promotion of indigenous culturesin the arts and humanities.During the month of March, we wish to show support for this historic eventof nuclear fallout and contamination that took place in the MarshallIslands and the subsequent downwind exposure to neighboring islands bypromoting dialogue on our shared histories and experiences. We hope togenerate a greater sense of awareness among Pacific Islanders, to promoteunity among the peoples of Oceania, and to celebrate the global cause forpeace and solidarity throughout our islands.“Nuclear-Free and Interdependent Pacific: Artist Reflections from anIndigenous Perspective” will utilize art, music, and poetry to encouragethought-provoking analyses within our island community. Artists, musiciansand poets will display their contemporary cultural expressions foraudience members to reflect and act on current island issues, which mayincorporate themes such as resource overdevelopment, environmentalpollution, and cultural preservation.We are looking for interested college students, village residents,academics, teachers, government officials, and all outer islanders—becauseit is ultimately our communities, as a collective, that wield the power toaffect change in our Pacific and throughout the world. If you would liketo become involved or know anyone who may be interested, please contact usat

si Fanai Castro"Guahan Artists' Collective"

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