Monday, January 31, 2005

English Only

I submitted my blog to a bunch of Blogsites, Blog search engines and so on. I got accepted to most of them, but was rejected from one for particularly unsettling reasons. Apparently its an English only blogsite. Here's an excerpt from the rejection letter I received.

Your blog was declined for the following reason:I noticed that your posts are not all in English. Right now BlogExplosion onlyaccepts sites in English only. If all the posts after are going to be Englishonly then just resubmit and I\"ll approve. Thankyou!

I really appreciate the warm and friendly tone of the rejection letter, and their offer of reconciliation. If you decide to change to English only, if you learn from the error of your ways (you foreigner!) then we will gladly accept you into the multi-cultural fold. Notice how the emphasis is not on what is being written, but so long as it conform to a specific way of relating information, forgetting of course that there are millions of people in the US who are bilingual, and literally millions of blogs which aren't just in English.

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