Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Around the Latte Seminar Series...

Come along! and be part of this exciting  series of event!!!!

The inaugural seminar series of the School of Education and Chamorro Studies “Around the Latte Stone Series” kicks off this Thursday 15th October, 2015  at 2pm-4p in the School of Education lounge , University of Guam, Guam, USA & Northern Pacific.

Topic: “War for Guam”-a documentary and a discussion by the film co-producer Mr Baltazar Aguon;

With…An Introductory Comment by the 10th President of the University of Guam and Former Congressman, Dr. Robert Underwood, a traditional welcome and chant and more….

The Acting head of Chamorro Studies at Guam DOE Rufina Mendiola and her team will also be at hand to assist with the organization for the day’s event

Food and drinks will be available to share…

Come along!!!!

Unaisi and Michael (coordinators)
[Dr. Nabobo-Baba & Dr. Bevacqua]

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