Friday, February 20, 2015

Youtube Ta'lo

I've had a Youtube account for many years now, I think 8 or 9, lao ti siguru yu'. I didn't post many videos for a while, and I'm not sure why, perhaps because I got a better camera a few years ago and with the not that great internet in the various apartments I've lived in, it takes several hours to post videos nowadays. I recently started publishing videos again, after starting a number of video projects and being inspired to engage in this media form. My Youtube videos are frequently shaking and suffer from very bad audio and never edited in anyway. But still they can provide an interesting view into certain events on island and elsewhere. Every once in a while I get a message from someone who couldn't be at an event or who was looking for information on something that has happened in Guam and they thank me for my shaky almost avant garde looking movie.

Here are some recent videos that I've posted.

A video from the 2011 Inachaigen Fino' CHamoru. The next Chamorro Language Competition is coming up in two weeks!

Matua Sablan (lahin Johnny Sablan, i kakantan Chamorro) singing for a fundraiser for the Chamorro focused kids' show "Nihi."

Si Howard Hemsing un senmatungo' na activist Chamorro giya Guahan, tumestitigu gui' gi me'nan i Liheslaturan Guahan put un maproponi na bill put para u diroga i hinatsan suetdo para i manmailihi na pulitikat siha giya Guahan.

Last semester at UOG we offered a course titled Klas Tinifok, which taught students the basics of weaving in the traditional Chamorro way. The class was taught by Art Pangelinan and Tony Mantanona of Pa'a Taotao Tano'.

UOG News report on the play Pagat that I wrote with Victoria Leon Guerrero and was performed at UOG last April. The play was a big success!

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