Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sukicon 2015

I'll be at the Sukicon this weekend at the Phoenix Center at Father Duenas school in Mangilao. I will have a bunch of interesting things to display and even some stuff to sell. Sukicon is a gathering or cosplayers, gaming nerds, anime/manga nerds and even comic book geeks. There is an artist alley and different booths by exhibitors. For me, I'll be displaying/selling the following things:

1. I'll be displaying some of my grandfather's tools. I have a nice complete set of the seven traditional tools that I'll put out, as well as some examples of the 150 year history of Chamorro blacksmithing in my family, most notably a machete that is more than 100 years old, and made by my great-grandfather Mariano Leon Guerrero Lujan (Bittot). I also have some tools that my grandfather made and one or two that I helped him make more recently. This will be interesting as I'm sure most of the people attending Sukicon think of "culture" a bit differently, as usually something they enjoy in the Japanese variety and they aren't used to seeing it in this vein, especially not in such a nerd-specific space.

2. I'll be selling artwork. I've been painting furious lately, filling an entire wall in my apartment with a horde of paintings. I have been mixing in various anime or manga related themes, sometimes trying to evoke, albeit in an abstract fashion the intensity of the titans in Attack on Titan, the sadness of the endings of anime like Evangelion, the fury of fighting in manga like Naruto or Gantz. We shall see if any of the people at Sukicon like my work. I'm sure most of them are used to very representational work and so they mat not connect with what I'll be offering.

3. Finally I'll be displaying the work of my brother Jack Lujan Bevacqua and what he has done in terms of bringing to life some of the scripts and ideas that I've had. Most notably I will be displaying work from The Legend of the Chamurai project, which I have been working on for 3 straight NaNoWriMos. In a similar vein I'll be showing samples from the comic Makahana which we just finished and are right now working on saving money to print. This story is about warriors in ancient time going to battle using all the types of mythical spiritual powers I could come up with.

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