Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rashne's Roadtrip for Change

I was completely drenched, estaba sen sohgon yu' in American Presidential politics, for all summer and most of the spring. My blog was grateful for the attention, as plenty of times I was writing on it about Obama being smeared by Republicans or Race and Gender in the campaign, when I should have been working on my dissertation. I remember several times writing on my blog that I wouldn't be posting for a week or so, and then ending up posting about Palin or something else which had just pissed me off.
This obsession reached its climax in August when I attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver and for almost two weeks, I thought of nothing else but Presidential politics, race, militarism, colonialism and US territorial - Federal relations.

Now that I'm Guam, my intense link to the race is weakening, the need to constantly write about it, follow it and so on is dumidide dumidide muma'pos. Its slowly fading away. There are several reasons for this.

1. I'm in a long distance relationship with my partner Rashne, and although she is a much bigger Obama-Maniac than I am, we would constantly feed into each other's obsession. Without that time we would spend together each day on our laptops reading stuff from Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars and The Huffington Post, its hard to keep my interest level high.

2. On Guam I don't have MSNBC, I'm stuck with either Fox News (kalakas) or CNN (lana ayu na Lou Dobbs). Keith Olbermann's show was something which kept me informed and in the race, but without watching it every night, and forced instead to watch CNN, again its hard to keep up my interest.
3. Guam, for all its love of America and vigor for re-colonizing itself, is far away from these things. Our vote doesn't count, there are no GOTV operations going on on island, there is very little happening here, except ads that we see on TV which don't usually have much to do with Guam. As I often say, such is life in the colonies...
I am excited today however, because someone special in my life is getting very involved in the Obama campaign, and I do kind of wish that I was there to share it and help out.
I nobia-hu Rashne is driving as I type right now to join The Roadtrip for Change, which is bringing young and old volunteers from Democratic safe state California to swing-state Nevada. Over the weekend hundreds of people will be making the drive to canvas and help get out the vote. Those from southern California are heading to Las Vegas, while those from Central and Northern are going to Reno. Tomorrow Rashne will be lining up to try and see Obama at a rally at a high school in Vegas, and if she misses him, then she'll try to see Michelle Obama again, when she comes into town on Monday. (I say again because she practically "met" Michelle Obama, when she was like twenty feet away from her during her speech at the DNC)

Here's a picture of Rashne with her media pass for the DNC. I'm sending her my love in Nevada and hope that she says safe while she's canvassing.

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