Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Earlier today Colin Powell formally endorsed Senator Barack Obama as a presidential candidate on Meet the Press.

I have long been ambivalent with regards to Colin Powell, appreciating the restraint or intelligence and willingness to inject the effect of race into discussions, but also realizing he has long been a key player in the greed welfare succubus known as the military industrial complex, both in the military and private sector. Finally, although many may not remember, although I wasn't born yet, I tend to always think of Colin Powell as the intelligent articulate African American soldier who helped whitewash atrocities committed by American soldiers in Vietnam in the 1960's.

With all that being said, I watched the endorsement on Youtube and part of a press conference he held when the news initially broke, and Colin Powell, despite his role in creating and exporting the machinery of American violence and exceptionalism, is a very smart and well-spoken person. His off-hand remarks about the necessity of paying taxes was surprisingly refreshing compared to weeks of John McCain yelling at everyone whether they are listening or not, that he wants to cut EVERYONE'S TAXES!

If I ever run for any political office, I hope that there is some way that I could get Colin Powell to craft a seven minute endorsement for me. He's shown today that he is very good at it.

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