Saturday, May 10, 2008

Napun Minahalang Siha

Haven't posted one of my Chamorro translations or Chamorro songs lately. I've been so busy writing other things, I just haven't gotten around to much.

I wrote this one recently though while I was flying to Guam for Sumahi's first birthday. I first heard the song "Wave of Mutilation" by the Pixies from the game Rock (Star) Band. The way the song is sung, with several words being dragged or drawn out when sung, made it a little interesting trying to find Chamorro words which would sound good along with that style.

I like what I came up with, although for Chamorro it is a bit abstract or "dreamy," with phrases like "I've kissed stars." If you don't know the song, then you might be wondering why I chose it in the first place. Well, I've been intrigued by the song ever since I first listened closely to the lyrics, and heard the line "find my way to Mariana(s)." And realized that the singer could actually be talking about the Marianas Islands!

Napun Minahalang Siha
Maayao ginnen as The Pixies

Esta o’sun
Ilek-hu “adios”-hu
Mañugon yu’ kareta
Gi halom i ta-asi

Lao ti matai yu’
Sa’ pumaya’ya’ya’ya
Gi un napun minahalang
Napun minahalang
Napun minahalang

Mañiku yu’ streyas
Mamacha’ yu’ pulan
Manhokka’ yu’ unai
Gi gigat-hu ante-hu

Bei fañodda’ chalan
Asta i Mariana-a-as
Gi un napun minahalang
Napun minahalang
Napun minahalang


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