Friday, May 30, 2008

Famoksaiyan on Youtube

I just started a youtube page for Famoksaiyan. Here's the first video, which is the testimony that Julian Aguon recently gave before the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Julian's intervention at the UNPFII has yielded some very hopeful results.

This youtube presence for Famoksaiyan, joins the handful of other places where you can find plenty of info on the group. Don't forget, you can also find Famoksaiyan on Facebook, Myspace, Blogger and Rise-up.

For those worried about all the sort of "half-sites" where you can find info on Famoksaiyan, and are just dying for a central virtual location for the group, mungga chathinasso. At the Guma'famoksaiyan gathering which took place over the weekend the group discussed that need, and we are working on it as I type.


Although the Famoksaiyan youtube page is new, I've had my own page for quite while. I've already uploaded more than 30 movies, lao pinat mubin Sumåhi.

Estague i mas maegga na mubi-hu. Lao gi minagahet, ti hu komprende sa' hafa este i mas maegga. Gof ti apmam yan ti gof interesante.

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