I Mas Ya-hu Na Rinatun Famoksaiyan (my favorite Famoksaiyan moments)

Here's a list of my favorite moments from the Famoksaiyan gathering last week. As you read them, bear in mind that I didn't get to participate as much as I wanted to in the actual conference (discussions, presentations, etc.), so most of my moments are around the conference. Setting things up, fixing problems, driving people around, stressing out.

By the way, I've started up a listserv for the conference, to help keep everyone connected, informed and working as time goes on. You can join in by going to the following link and signing up for it, or asking me and I'll add your email to the list. We'll be using it to send out news items, notices of events, meetings, conferences, grants, opportunities, as well as find out people to help with projects and ideas and so on.


My Favorite Famoksaiyan Moments:

Taking Chaz to his first In and Out dinner

Hanging out at Kinko’s at 2 in the morning, TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW

Fanai saying that the US should be sending doctors to Guam, not more military and me responding that you know who would send doctors? Cuba.

Having the photos for the decolonization and militarization panels taken in front of a latte’, the Guam flag and the current lists of funds raised by the San Diego Liberation Day Queen Candidates (as of April 15th, Kim San Nicolas is in the lead!)

The biha who balutaned half a tray of barbeque chicken

Lina Taitingfong reminding us that our blood literally is in the soil in Guam

Seeing both men and women cry during the closing songs

Seeing Claudia the anthropology student from SDSU help clean up

Playing Apples to Apples with 16 people and having Chelsea shout at her mom “Mom I’m on the Internet all the time, isn’t that SCARY!”

Having Hope offer to go buy coffee for everyone the first day of the conference, after me, who doesn’t drink coffee completely forgot to bring some.

Nicole’s pirate face

My care package from people on Guam: 4 copies of GU, 1 Guma’ Palu Li’e CD, 1 poster ginnen I Fine’nina Konfrensia Chamoru, 1 copy of the Matto I Saina-ta as Hurao

The film Blue Streak being played over and over in my apartment, because Chaz, Miget, Jack, Kuri or someone else would start it and then leave the room, but start it all over once they came back.

Having both Jeremy and the Other Miget do American Idol snoring duel that echoed throughout the house for two nights in a row. (ekungok ayu na lanan, kao kumekematai?!)

Having the wireless broadband in my apartment lumachai by five different laptops, making it feel like 56k.

Melvin’s tree hugging goodbye

Drafting people to tumaitai

The Islander Grill for providing some great short ribs. Hmmmmmm, gof mange I beef short ribs…

All the manhoben manmanginginge’ gi as I manamko’

Catching I che’lu-hu Si Kuri, reading Althusser in bed!

After everything was cleaned up on Friday, Chaz coming up to me and asking, “do you need any help?”

All the singing, Rhea, Fanai, Rima, Miget, Josette and Destiny, John Benavente.

The huge pile of yories and shoes inside my door on Saturday night.

The President of the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club letting us use the fridge and the oven even though we didn’t pay for it.

Taking more than 150 photos with my crappy (now infamous) disposable cameras.


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