Thursday, September 08, 2005

Battle for K_________

Big milestone alert gi lina'la'-hu.

For those who know me yan i dos na che'-lu-hu Si Jack yan Si Kuri (Jeremy) we have been trying to get together on some sort of creative project for years. Last week we finally took the first real step in making that happen. We've been brainstorming for months on a comic book title which will combine our creative skills, my writing, Jack's drawing skills and Kuri's, uh, hmmm, excellent advice. (He does more than that, he's really good to bounce ideas off of). In June we finally made a decision and we've been working on the first story arc and character designs ever since. Two weeks ago I had the writing for the first issue, dialogues breakdowns and all done and sent it off to Jack. He's been penciling ever since.

At present me and Kuri have split the second issue writing, me doing half and him the other half.

If all goes well we're shooting for at least these two issues done and published by the Alternative Press Expo (APE) next year. We're still trying to decide if we want to self-publish (and put out several hundred dollars for a thousand black and white issues) or try to pitch our idea to an established company such as Dark Horse or Image. Me personally, I want to do it on our own because as an egotistical writer I don't want any interference with what I've already written and want to do with this project. Obviously, getting our comic out there and making more money would be much easier if we did it under the auspices of a company like Image.

As far as the idea itself I'd rather not say too much until its actually published. But needless to say, after showing it to several people, all have said that its not like any comic they've read before (they hopefully meant this in a good way). That was my intent though, because what I draw on for this world and the dialogue I use is very very different then the traditional raw material for comics. Believe it or not but after finally getting the first issue done, this comic is very theoretical and very very interesting in that respect. When I say theoretical I don't mean that somewhere along the line someone says "by Socrates' beard you are wise!" or that people end up in someplace which is just simply another reality. I mean, that what happens in this world and the way people act and speak within it, is very much rooted in my (mis)readings of psychoanalysis, in particular from Lacan and Zizek.

Anyways, I'm just so excited to finally get something concrete going on this, that I felt like posting it here. Also, later on once we publish we'll be looking for people interested in buying or reading it, so if anyone wants to be on a list for it, send me your email and I'll add you. I'll be posting more concrete details later, but for now, this vague and annoying post is about all I can say about it. Asi'i yu' fan.


Anonymous said...

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Mari said...

Oi, now I want to know what it's about! Is it action/adventure or is it more intellectual/philisophical/etc? I've been straying a bit from my thesis (which is still in the research stage, so I apologize, there is naught to show you)) and have been immersing myself into all things anime and manga so this interests me. You have Bollywood and I have Bleach, you might say. I do agree about the self-publishing bit not only because for the sake of creative freedom but also to combat the shrinking corporate world. Good luck with that!


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