Monday, September 19, 2005


I mentioned more than a week ago the comic that me and i dos na mane'lu-hu are working on. I can't reveal the name just yet, but I'll refer to it her as my little sister does, as B4K.

I just spent the last week up north visiting my family and working on getting the first half of our first story arc (13 issues) done. While I was up there I finished up issue two, and am now almost done with the writing for issue three. Issues 4-7 have already been plotted out in narrative style but the actual panelling (which I detest and suck at) still needs to be done.

Jack is done with the breakdowns for the first issue, and one third of the way done with the real pencils. It was very exciting writing and scripting with him drawing beside me. Every once in a while I would look over at something he had just drawn and it would just inspire me, because if we can pull this thing off, it will be so awesome!

I've gotten some inquiries about what the comic will be like. Will it be intellectual? Will it be action orientated? Will it be humorous? Will it be in English?

At present, this comic will be very theoretical, meaning that the things which I love to read such as Zizek, his insights will be a part of what happens. Whether in what characters say, how they feel or react or what happens to them in this world that we've created. But also, it will be very action packed. Half of issue two is a single epic battle, between characters which you wouldn't normally see fighting.

The way I've set things up, anything can appear in this world, its not limited by historical or cultural context. That is one of the biggest problems I see when people create worlds or fiction, is that they ultimately adhere to the rules of whatever worlds they draw from. So even if they are doing something completely new, they don't really try to evade the rules of the genre or even just the stories that they cull. In the world that we are working in, just about everything goes, and it is supposed to be that way. As time passes and I feel comfortable posting more concrete details you'll see how interesting it is.

I desperately want to start sharing with people the mechanics and grit of it, but the problem is that we don't have any copyrights yet and so it would be very easy for someone to just take it from this blog and use it wherever.

On a related promotional note, I've asked Jack the main artist for the comic to start drawing up some promotional sketches of characters and hopefully he'll let me post some here for people to check out.

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