Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Atan umbe, guaha minagge gi hilo' tano'

Some great news for those truly interested in the future of Guam. This is a huge step, although most people will interpret it to be stubborn local blindness (protection of government), in actuality these sorts of acts are absolutely necessary to fixing the island, because they counter the oppressive perceptions of America (and America in Guam) which continue to colonize the island. An act like this attempts to refocus our thinking and planning on Guam, not on the US, not on what we are supposed to be because we want to be part of the US, not on our desires to be some fuller part of it. This act is an attempt at a local critique and a local solution.

The message is from that light of hope in Chamorro lives, Sabina Perez who with Hanom Para Todo is working to protect Guam's water rights.

Great news!

The Democratic Party of Guam unanimously supported/passed a resolution opposingprivatization of Guam Waterwork's Authority (GWA) as of September 14, 2005. Thisis a great win for the activists on Guam and all those who have supported ourstruggle internationally. As you know, we are not out of the woods yet. Whatwe need to ultimately do is to repeal water privatization laws and find publicfunding or revenue bonds to finance the USEPA required upgrades to our watersystem.

In solidarity,Sabina

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