Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Fight Water Privatization

The Nasion Chamoru has come out forcefully recently opposing the privatization of GWA and it is time for other concerned people of Guam and those of us in the diaspora (stateside, but nonetheless concerned and angry) to do the same.

For months and years the Chamber of Commerce, the CCU and the majority of Guam's media have pushed hard for the privatiztion of nearly everything on island. Where does this mentality come from? It boils down to neocolonial forms of domination and control. Around the world, other peoples are facing similar struggles as corporations and First World government seeks to plunder and control their natural resources. While some of their situations may be more severe, the basic fight is the same, who shall control the wealth of the land? The Federal government already controls Guam's sea waters and much of our fresh water, now the local colonizing representatives in the government and the media are seeking to ensure that the rest of Guam's water be given away as well.

Can GWA do it without privatization? Of course it can, provided it gets the support from the government and public.

It is time to put an end to colonization, it is time to stop reproducing that cycle of degradation we are all educated with, which forces us to think of everything local as being inferior (especially the government) and those all problems need to be fixed by bringing in the Feds, or bringing in a white person. I'm looking for ideas on how not just to fight the privatization of GWA, but also get it the support it needs. I would appreciate any input people can provide.

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