Tuesday, June 28, 2005


For those of you who don't me this about me, I've been a die-hard video game fanatic since I was a young kid. For those of you who have a similar disposition or know people like this, you know what the ultimate fantasy for us is.

No, its not all the major systems. No its not Electronics Boutique gift certificates. And although having a multi-player arcade game like X-Men in your house comes close, the ultimate fantasy has to be, meeting a someone whom you are attracted to, and is just as much into video games as you are.

Normally I would have something psychoanalytical to say here, like "according to Zizek, etc. etc. etc..." But honestly, my mind is still bubbling over the fact that I met a beautiful girl the other day who is just as into video games as I am!

It was interesting, seeming to finally find at least the object of so many simple fantasies. How many times has a gamer pined over a girl who understands his addiction when his girlfriend yells for him to turn the game off and come to bed, or pages for him to get his ass home from his friends house. Oh how wonderful to finally find someone who understands the concept of save points, and that in most games, you can't just save the game anywhere? Or how about a girl who will see the incredible social value and esteem in collecting all the trophies in Super Smash Bros. Melee or kicking everyone's ass at Perfect Dark?

At a friend's birthday party we were talking casually for a while before, someone across the room admitted openly to how they are a Lord of the Rings geek. People laughed and other people started admitting to their own geek vices. (I have several, Star Wars, Star Trek, Video Games, Comics, Bollywood movies, anything about Guam, whoa, there's plenty more...) Just for fun, I asked this girl, what's she a geek about? She said a little embarassed, actually I'm a video game geek.

AH! Bliss!

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Josh said...

Yes, I can see where you are coming from Miget. That would be the ultimate. Unfortunately, video game chicks are few and far between... hot ones even fewer and further between. Notwithstanding, I'm glad you met a fine video game hottie. Speaking of video games, have you seen the movie "House of the Dead" directed by Uwe Bol? I thought "Mortal Kombat Anhiliation" would never lose its place as the worst video game to movie adaptation ever. "House of the Dead" proved me wrong. Both of these movies make "Resident Evil" look like Oscar material.


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