Sunday, December 12, 2004


Wondering how to take down Bush? (metaphorically)

One important point to attack is the commonplace notion amongst those within the military and outside of it that Republicans support the troops more, or that Bush, because he is manly and talks like he was lobotomized by a broomstick, is the man who really loves our troops in a manly, ass pat, gang rape kind of way.

This and using 9/11 are big parts of what gives Bush power. Note that he may not actually have any affection for the troops or they may have no real loyalty towards him, but the perception is more important than actually loyalty in this instance.

This is why I am very excited to hear more and more about soldiers resisting indoctrination, and soldiers resisting being sent to war. CBS news recently reported that more than 5,000 troops have deserted since the war in Iraq began. Several months ago, a group from Mississippi, just flat out refused a mission because they weren't properly supplied and were certain that the mission was for nothing. Rumsfeld took a pounding earlier in the week from soldiers who demanded to know why they aren't being properly armed for this war, if the administration is on a "war-footing."

It is only because the soldiers do not speak out that Bush's appearance of power is maintained.

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