Friday, December 10, 2004

Happy US Imperialism Day!

Time to once again celebrate how important U.S. Imperialism is to us on Guam!

While so many on Guam are celebrating the feast day of Santa Maria Kamalen, let's not forget that 63 years ago, the Chamorro people of Guam were abandoned by the United States military, left to fight against the Japanese, in a war the United States helped to start.

Thinking back to that day, we should remember that we, as a people weren't of any value to the US military then, and we shouldn't feel that we are any more valuable now.

This is what drives me nuts everyday. Why do Chamorros have so much love for the military? Liberation Day is the usual answer (as well as 'we can't survive without them!'), But my answer to that is, US Imperialism Day. When will we have a parade to celebrate our abandonment or our being treated as expendable?

When will the ghosts of those tortured or killed during the war on Guam ever rest? Don't we see how we dance across their deaths keeping them from peace with our mindless patriotism and loyalty?

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