Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adios Ted Cruz

Comedian Samantha Bee bid a fond "adios" to the campaign of Ted Cruz on her show Full Frontal last week.

I said "fond" not because of her affecting for Cruz as a politician or what he stood for, but rather because Cruz had been such an incredible mine for political humor.

As evidence of this, even in his departure, she was able to tweet at him and mock him in one of the most incisive ways I've ever seen in less than 144 characters. See the tweet below.

Ai gof tahdong na tinekcha' enao. Ha botleleha i baba na hinengge-ña yan i gef annok na ti maguaiya gui' gi patidå-ña achagigu.

As she said adios on her show, she rattled off a list of the gof na'chalek nicknames that she had given Cruz, which still make me laugh even after hearing them several times.

Here is the list, with the video below:

"Born Again Tyler Durden"

"Princeton's Unwanted Fetus"

"Fist-Faced Horse-Shit Salesman"

"The World's Only Unlikable Canadian"

"The Junior Senator from the Uncanny Valley"

"Half-Melted Reagan Dummy"

"Husky Romulan"

"Human Twilight Zone Music"

"America's Newman"

"Self-Described Human"

"Tentacle Monster"

"Unflushable Toilet Clog"

"The Son of a Former Cuban Revolutionary and a Soiled Back Issue of the National Review"

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