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Chamorros Unite

Ya-hu este na mensahi. Gof tahdong na mensahi este. Meggai mamamaisen put taimanu na sina mandana' pat manunu i Chamorro siha. Hu komprende na na'malago' este na guinife, lao i chalan para ayu ti tunas, sen matahlek. Sina ta imahina ayu, lao ti sina ta na'magahet ayu. Achokka' sina manomlat todu i taotao-ta gi unu na palabra "Chamorro" guaha meggai na diversity gi ayu na palabra ha'. Guaha diferentes na dinilitreha. Guaha diferenestes na hinasso put hafa i Chamorro. Guaha ti yan-niha i palabra "Chamorro" sa' maayao ayu ginen i Espanot. Guaha ti yan-niha i Chamorro sa' ga'o-'niha i palabra "Guamanian." Guaha pa'go ma aguguiguiyi i palabra "Taotao Haya" para i mas natibu na na'an-ta. Guaha lokkue' ma propoponi na ta tulaika i na'an - taotao-ta para "taotaomo'na," sa' Hita i manmo'na na taotao guini gi este na patten Pasifiku. 

Este na diferensia put un palabra ha'. Mas sen mampos kumplikao i estao anggen ta atan hafa gi kuttura-ta yan hinasso-ta komo taotao. Sina mandana' yan maniha un taotao anggen parehu i hineggen-niha put hafa gi oriyan-niha pat hafa gi halom i kutturan-niha. Lao sen mappot este na dos. Anggen un faisen dies na Chamorro hafa kumekeilekna "kutturan Chamorro" pat "kustrumbren Chamorro" para siha, sina diferentes i ineppen-niha. Sina mamparehu lokkue', lao hafa i muna'Chamomorro hit sina matulaika dipende gi manu matata'chong i taotao gi tiempo pat gi kumunidat. Buente para unu na taotao "dangkolo na familia" hafa i mas takhinlo' na Chinamorro. Lao buente para un taifamilia na Chamorro ti gof presisu este. Buente i ineppe "lenguahi" pat "kuttura." Lao hafa i hiniyong anggen meggai na Chamorro ilek-niniha na i lenguahi i mas takhilo' na Chinamorro, lao ti mamfifino' siha? Kao manilong este? Kao anggokuyon i fino'-niha achokka' gof ti kabales? Ya hafa ta hasso anggen unu ilek-na "respetu para i manamko'.?" Fa'set masangan este, lao taimanu na para ta la'la' este? Kao este kumekeilekna na ti sina manlachi i saina? Todu i fino'-na i lai para i familia? Kao guaha mas gi i irensian-niha kinu este? Kao kabales i respetu ginen i inesge ha'? Kao guaha mas tahdong na klasi? 

The statement below comes from the Nasion Chamoru blogspot page, which features an incredible amount of information on the group Nasion Chamoru and also Chamorro related events in the states and in the Marianas. I find this statement to be a beautiful attempt to bring Chamorros from diverse backgrounds and mindsets together.


I Am CHamoru!
 From Nasion Chamoru

  Let us not forget that our culture, beliefs and our people have been suppressed for over four hundred years. Our history portrays us as always giving with open doors and open arms to all. How much longer can we as a people continue this behavior when our resources and surroundings are diminishing at a very fast pace with the assistance and our growing dependency on both industrial and commercial growth? The time has come for us to make a stand in preserving what's left of our lands. We must all decide what fate is to be determined of our sacred island before it falls entirely in to the hands of others who only have personal financial interests in mind, and not the interest of the people as a whole.

   Our first step in perpetuating our goal is to first bring common ground with our CHamoru brothers and sisters both on, and off-island. It is time to start renewing our faith and beliefs as CHamorus. Some of us might have forgotten who we are in this time and age and from where we've come from, but I sure haven't, and neither should you. This is what makes the world such a fascinating place to live on, "A diversity of cultures." "Be proud of who you are" and "try not to portray yourself as someone who you can never be."

Fan ha'su CHamoru, "No matter what you wear, how expensive your clothes are, the size of your home, what country you're currently in, or what color you paint your skin, whenever you bleed, you will still bleed CHamoru blood.

   It is time to commit ourselves to educating our children and ourselves of our true culture. The CHamoru culture. I Kotturan CHamoru. Let us not laugh at those of our brothers and sisters who attempt to speak our language and make mistakes.

Instead, we should educate them on the proper manner in which to pronounce or speak it.

    To my family and friends whom have decided to leave their culture behind them, as if to hide their true identity, “Be not ashamed of who you are.” You are CHamoru, thick and thin. Take pride in your culture and its rich history. Educate yourselves in the true history of our people. Although some of us may be mixed in blood, the ultimate choice is yours in determining what you eventually decide to identify yourself as.

As for me, “I Am CHamoru!”  If you try to convince me otherwise, you best “get the hell out of my way!”  My knowledge in our history is deep…  My passion in perpetuating our culture is strong…  Wasting time amongst ourselves in arguing over who is the better advocate for our people is non-productive to anyone and only "DIVIDES US" as a people.

  So, I say again, “If you try to convince me otherwise, you best “get the hell out of my way!”
Si Yu'os Ma’åse’

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