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Guinaiya gi Fino' Chamoru #3

“Guinaiya gi Fino’ Chamoru #3”
Michael Lujan Bevacqua
The Marianas Variety

It is almost Valentine’s Day or as some say in Chamorro “Ha’anin Guinaiya.” It has become a tradition for me that around this time I write a column dealing with ways to express love using the Chamorro language.  In 2011 and in 2012 my Valentine’s Day columns featured an array of song lyrics, romantic turns of phrase and pick up lines all translated into the Chamorro language. I’ve decided not to mess with this organic tradition but embrace it. Today I present “Guinaiya gi Fino’ Chamoru #3” or “Love in Chamorro.”

As usual this column is meant to be both fun and informative. Many of the sentences are translated from song lyrics, pick up lines and quotes that are famous in English. When translated into Chamorro they take on extra meaning because of the way Chamorro may not have the same particular metaphors or innuendos of English. When you read them they can be taken as having a similar meaning to their English form, but they can also interpreted in a new incredulous Chamorro context. Humor in many multicultural and multilingual communities is based on these slips of translation.

Biba Ha’anin Guinaiya! Biba Fino’ Chamoru!


I korason-hu, para todu tiempo, iyo-mu ha’.
My heart, for all time, is only yours

Un na’chatguahu yu’
You make me feel like I’m not myself (can also mean you make me feel queasy).

Hagu i pilån-hu, i atdao-ku yan i estreyås-hu siha.
You are my moon, my sun and my stars.

Lina’la un flores, yan guinaiya i miet-ña.
Life is a flower and love is its honey

Buente para Hågu este inatmario, lao para Guahu, este guinaiya!
Maybe for you this is insanity, but for me this is love!

I chiniku-mu, ha na’hoben ta’lo i korason-hu, yan ha funas lokkue’ i chinathinasso-ku siha.
You kiss, it makes my heart young again and it erases all my worries.

Tåya’ åmot para manguaiguaiya fuera di mas guinaiya’.
There is no medicine for being in love, except for more love.

Siña yu’ luma’la’ sin salåpe’, lao ti siña yu’ sin guinaiya. Ti siña yu’ sin Hågu.
I can live without money, but I can’t live without love. I can’t live without you.

Ya-hu todu un cho’guiyi yu’
I like all that you do to me (or do for me).

Hu guaiya hao? Ti nahong enao para este na fehman na siniente-ku. Hu guaiyayaya hao!
I love you? It’s not enough for this profound feeling I have for you. I loveeeeeeeee you!

Kao un tungo’ CPR? Sa’ un sasakke’ i hinagong-hu!
Do you know CPR? Because you are stealing my breath!

Despensa yu’, umabak yu’. Kao sina un fa’nu’i yu’ I chalan para I korason-mu?
I’m sorry, I’m lost. Can you show me the road to your heart?

Hunggan bulachu yu’ yan Hagu muna’bulachu yu’
Yes I am drunk, and you are what made me drunk.

Kao guaha dingå-mu? Siempre Guiya i segundo na mas bunita na palao’an gi hilo’ tåno’!
Do you have a twin? She is most certainly the second most beautiful woman in the world.

Anggen frutas hao, siempre bei tife’ hao!
If you were a fruit, I would definitely pick you!

Anggen Titilaika hao, siempre i na’ån-mu “Si Optimus Fine.”
If you were a Transformer, you’re name would definitely be Optimus Fine.

Hunggan nai hu guaiya hao, pues nihi ta sodda’ i remote!
Yes, of course I love you, now let’s find the remote!

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