Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mensahi Ginnen i Gehilo': #4: Summer Plans

Mensahi Ginnen I Gehilo’ #4
“Summer Plans”

Earlier this month the Independence Task Force for Guam met to make plans for Summer 2012. Although we have no budget and there is much uncertainty in the formal decolonization process at present, we have decided that this won’t derail our efforts at consciousness-raising. We are determined to continue to promote decolonization and independence for Guam even if the actual self-determination has yet to be finalized, as such activities can be important in and of themselves. The more Guam becomes familiar with ideas of decolonization and independence the better off the island is, because both of these concepts are built around ideas of sustainability and empowerment.

Our summer planning meeting was a great success. We laid out the following actions for the summer and will be finalizing everything at our next meeting on July 1st.

1.     We will hold one community service event over the summer. By July 1st we will choose the location and the date and will hold a cleanup there in order to show the commitment of independence supporters to not just rhetoric but also action.
2.     We will also create a bank account by July 1st in order to accept donations from the public who support independence for Guam and want to help support our activities. As I have written about earlier the task force at present is a “Taya’ Salape’” organization.
3.     We will be holding over the summer two teach ins in order to help the public better understand decolonization and its importance. We will be selecting the dates and locations at the July 1st meeting.
4.     We will be creating a logo for the Independence Task Force that will also symbolize the spirit of independence for Guam in general.
5.     We will be creating 1 page information sheets introducing independence to people. The first sheet will be aimed at Chamorros, while the second will be aimed at non-Chamorros.

Stay tuned for more information on these activities, if you are interested in helping organize them or just attend them please contact me at

Si Yu’us Ma’ase.

Sahuma Minagahet ya Na’suha Dinagi

Michael Lujan Bevacqua
Chairman, Independence for Guam Task Force

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