Monday, June 18, 2012

Lovers in Okinawa

While I was in Okinawa last month my girlfriend and I committed to writing a poem to each other for everyday that we were apart. Below are three of my favorites that I wrote for her:


I am typing on my love's laptop
I am missing her with every stroke
When my finger presses a
I wish my arms were wrapped around her
When my finger presses k
I wish my lips were on her
When my finger presses l
I wish I could tell her how much I love her

I found a knife while walking in Ojana Okinawa
I swore it was the knife you gave me with love
One sweaty Saturday morning
The knife looked like it would fit in one of the chambers of my heart
I plunged the knife into my chest and found that I could breathe again
I had forgotten the feeling of breathing


I wrote in my diary “I love you” a thousand times
Then I tore it up and walked to the store to buy a new one
I drew in stars on every page “I love you”
Then I set it on fire and rode a bike to the store to buy a new one
I dripped with soy sauce on every other page “I love you”
Then I laid it in the road and watched it get run over and over and over again
Then I flew to the store and bought another one
How will I tell you that I love you today?
And how will I destroy my message once I realize that you are so far away….

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