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Submit to Storyboard 12

Local Artists Wanted:
UOG searching for submissions for Storyboard 12
3:00 PM, Dec. 2, 2011
by Storm Roberts
Pacific Daily News

Perk up, Pacific island artists, it is time yet again to submit your pieces of art to the University of Guam's division of English and Applied Linguistics to be showcased in the 12th issue of Storyboard, a community literary journal.
"Storyboard is a wonderful space to print local literature and art," says Victoria Leon Guerrero, editor of Storyboard.
"It's a good place to publish things from discussing personal issues and (tying into this year's theme) describing community crossings encountered on Guam."

The theme of this edition of Storyboard is "Crossings" which, according to the contest informational poster, can be any of the following: crossing of water or borders; crossing and intermingling of cultures, stories and beliefs; Guam and its neighbors as historical, political, and social crossroads of the Pacific; the many meanings of "crossing;" and other ideas.

What makes Storyboard an interesting opportunity is the journal isn't looking for submissions from any particular age group or social demographic, but rather prefers various points of view from all over Micronesia.

"Being published in Storyboard feels very good because locally there are very few opportunities to be published in a public format," says Michael Lujan Bevacqua, an artist who has been published in Storyboard twice over the last 10 years.

"You can always put your work out on a blog or Facebook but Storyboard is a book that gets used in classrooms and looked back on for a long time."
Limited opportunities

Bevacqua says it's easy for creativity to languish here because Guam is so isolated and opportunities for writers can be limited. He thinks it's important for those interested in the project to take the opportunity to help create a community of writers and artists on Guam. Leon Guerrero agrees.

"We hope to attract submissions from the entire community," says Leon Guerrero. "Having an intertwinement of submissions from all different types of people is important, especially with this year's theme."

Leon Guerrero says getting published in Storyboard is good for young artists because it not only captures their work forever, but makes them a part of Guam history; Storyboard is a good place to record public opinion, thought and feelings at this particular moment in time, she says.

•Submissions can come from the following genres: poetry; fiction; creative non-fiction; drama; scholarly works; book reviews; visual and graphic art; and photography.
•Submissions should be emailed to, as well as any inquisitions regarding submission guidelines. All submissions are due before midnight Dec. 8.

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