Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Charlotte 2012

In 2008 I was able to attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver because of something called "The State Blogger Corps." This was a grassroots effort by the party to bring to the convention local blogs and progressive groups from all 50 states and even the territories to join the conversation and get access that they would surely not be able to get otherwise. With my press credentials from the State Blogger Corps, I was basically a member of Guam's delegation and also a member of the press. I got to go almost anywhere, even in places that normal member of the press weren't allowed to.

I want to attend the 2012 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. I don't see any mention of the State Blogger Corps this time around on the Democratic Convention website. I don't know if I just can't find it, or if they aren't offering it this time around. The 2008 campaign appropriated alot of grassroots elements in order to symbolize that Obama was riding a true populist tide. 2012 will be different as Obama is no longer on the "oustide" pushing in, but now inside, sometimes appearing to keep the people who voted him in, out.

If anyone reading this has any information on the State Blogger Corps please let me know! If I don't find anything, then I'll just apply through the normal channels and hope for the best.

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