Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sung Hee from Prison

From Ten Thousand Things:

On May 23rd, Art teacher and peace blogger Sung-Hee Choi was arrested and detained with seven other people at Jeju Island for nonviolently protesting the South Korean government seizure of property belonging to 1,500 villagers in Gangjeong, Jeju Island, South Korea. The Lee administration wants to destroy this beautiful region of tangerine groves and greenhouses on the Gangjeong coast to make way for a navy base intended to house destroyers equipped with missile systems.

At the time of her arrest, Sung-Hee Choi was holding a banner with the message printed on it:
Do not touch even one stone, even one flower!
She was arrested for simply holding the banner. She did not do anything to obstruct the South Korean government's destruction of the Gangjeong villagers' property.


Below is a poem that was written by Sung Hee-Choi while she has been in prison.

The revolution comes in time we do not know.

It comes suddenly when we are in desperate, so close to give up.

I believe in that long water flow which are made by tiny water drops

gathering rather than someone’s big power at certain time.





I especially believe the power of culture, power of arts, no, I

believe the power of cultured people and artists.

And I believe the truth will be spread out to this whole world as our

young generation begin to stand up.





But our fight has to be fun.

And again, our youth should be a source of strength for our fight.

You do not know how much I miss you, Gangjeong village, Gureombi…

I miss them so much, appreciate them so much, and I’d love to see

them all.

Brother, Taewhan, will you sing again?

And everyone, will you sing together?

We get together again and do a dance on Gureombi?








But on the other hand, I am glad to come trapped.

More and more people coming to Gureombi, more things are doing!!

Here, I read books that I missed so far, and think a lot of ideas I


There is a passage, especially coming so often these days.





“The absolute, must open one side of the door if the other side is



Let’s walk together toward the open door!

(And the tears flow quietly)



I’ve never ever cried while visiting.

But so many young people have come, my tears of happy flowing.

Please call more young people of 20′s. Let my tears flow more.

For a while I was totally numb.

I got here so unjustly.

If your transparent and clear forces get together,

It will change everything at the moment nobody can expected.



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achakma said...

Updates on the situation taking place in Jeju Island are now being posted by MacGregor Eddy who just arrived in Jeju to accompany Sung Hee during her trail on 10 June.

For information, history, additional links please visit FB page: Save Prof Yang and Sung Hee-Choi of Jeju Island:: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_121656801250115

The ROK Embassy Office in Guam: 125 C Tun Jose Camacho St., Tamuning, Guam 96913
T: 671.6488 F: 671.649.1336

Please call the embassy to voice concern of Sung Hee's arrest + stop the Naval base construction in Gangjeong Village, Jeju Island, South Korea.

The FB page gives tips on speaking effectively to the Korean embassies.

The ROK embassies are telling callers to call the US embassy because the US are the ones forcing the construction in Jeju Island.


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