Monday, June 06, 2011

Major League Gaming

I had a bunch of work to do this weekend but I barely touched it.

I wish I had some lofty and important reason for nothing getting my stuff done, lao gi minagahet taya'. Although I am a bit jetlagged and still feel kind of under the weather because of my recent trip, that wasn't enough to make me waste a whole weekend.

The real reason I wasted so much time and the reason I'm posting this at 4:23 am, is because of MLG Columbus, which is a gaming tournament taking place this weekend in Columbus, OH. At this tournament professional video game teams are competing for thousands of dollars in cash prizes. One of those games happens to be the only video game I really play anymore Starcraft 2.

Today is the last day of the tournament there, which is bringing together the best players from the United States, a few from Europe and elsewhere, as well as a handful of South Korean players. Hopefully once this is over than I can get back to my life.

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