Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taya Este Simana

Despensa yu', but there probably won't be much on this blog for the next few days. I'm starting teaching at UOG in a few hours and so things will be crazy as I finalize my syllabi (syllabuses) and try to familiarize myself with how to teach English Composition ( in addition to the Guam History classes I'm teaching).
I will be back soon though, as there is simply too much going on out there, to not be writing and blogging about it!


Mina Lulok said...

Hafa adai Miget,

I see DEAL roped you into their department. I teach two classes there, too, though they're labs, thankfully. Full time at GW takes enough of my strength. Hope I'll see you there during the week. When are your classes anyway?

Si Marianna

Michael Lujan Bevacqua said...

Hafa Adai Marianna, thanks for the comment and the warm welcome to DEAL. I'm teaching 110 and 111 on MW in the morning and TTh in the afternoon. When are yours? Hope I see you around.


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