Monday, August 10, 2009

Socialized Government Buzzword Health Care

There's a combination of statements that I keep hearing lately which makes me laugh everytime I hear it. It also makes me sad.

One Youtube via The Uptake, or The Young Turks or on Crooks and Liars, I keep reading and seeing video of people making a particular set of angry and defensive statements which make me wonder what sort of medication these people are taking to keep their heads from exploding because of the contradiction that they angrily stab themselves with.

Kalang un damang este na contradiction matokcha' gi i tintanos-ña. Ya achokka' sigi nai ma bulokbok i dinagi, ti ma siesieñte. Ti ma realilisa hafa ma sasångan. Sen na'chalek este, lao na'triste lokkue'. Ti nahong i guafi gi korason-mu para i sinangån-mu. Debi di un na'daña' i hinasso-mu yan i guafi (passion), osino i hiniyong na este na brodie na klasin sinangan.

First I hear someone, fihu un åpa'ka, say that they don't want no damned European, French, pansy, socialized government health (mismo death) care. They don't want no damned government interfering with their health care, coming between them and their doctor. For these people, they are following the Michelle Bachman line that the health care reform (and climate change proposals) of this current administration amount to tyranny, and that American's should reject them in the name of their William Wallace-like freedom!

And then before they can even take a breath to contemplate the ethical universe that they've created for themselves through their aggressive and bubu na statement (and therefore what would conflict or be a contradiction), they immediately soak themselves in a deluge of hilarious hypocriscy. After slamming the idea that the government can have anything to do with health care, they then demand that hands be kept off and that no one touch the current form of government-run health care that they currently receive. Yelling that the government not touch Medicare, is the form this usually takes. Angry shouts that government, socialized health care not be created, and that an current, existing and very popular form of it should not be touched!
Manla'la'la' hit gi tiempon interesante. Lao ti hu tungo' manu na sumasaga' este na manggof ti ya-niha "health care reform."

In doing my part in promoting the truth in all this mess, I'm pasting a video from President Obama, hoping to set the record straight about health care reform. I'm also posting a video from The Daily Show as well.

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Obama Must Pass a Health Care Bill

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