Monday, August 31, 2009

Isla Para Ladrones

Click this link and check out below the lyrics for a beautiful song titled "Isla Para Ladrones" by the band J.R. Jones.

Its a contemporary sound, but with a curious ancient feel as well. Its a rock song about Chamorros and their long-standing struggles. The title for those who don't know refers to the name that Guam and Chamorros were given by the Spanish, which called them "thieves" and their land an island full of them.

This is a conscious song not just in the sense that it is a rethinking of history and culture and Chamorro identity, but that its also made with the explicit intent that it be used as a tool for the creating of consciousness and the supporting of movements on Guam and amongst Chamorros for their sovereignty and decolonization. According to the band's description this song is "dedicated to our ancestors and to the undying efforts of the Nasion Chamoru. Our intentions with this song is to help promote the spirit of the Nasion Chamoru and to increase an awareness of it's efforts."

Gof gefpå'go este fina'tinas-ñiha. Debi di ta sappote todu i artists kalang este siha.

Fihu ma sångan na Guahån "i punton i lansan Amerika." Lao fihu ma sångan lokkue' na i artists, i creative na taotao siha, i punton i lansa lokkue'. I punton i lansan mumun linahayan. I punta ni’ siña tumulaika i tano’, i kuminidåt.

Siha muna'dokko' i hinasson conscious pat revolutionary gi i tintanos i taotao siha.

Pues para Guahu, i che’cho’-hu yan i guinife-hu siha para este na dikike’ na isla, gof impottånte i fina’tinas taiguini.


Isla Para Ladrones by J.R. Jones

Kahulu Chamoru, mungga manao
Fan hongge Chamoru, para I taotao (repeat)

In 1521, Magellan sailed the ocean blue
Landed on our island from whence the wind blew
Massacred our islands, burned our homes,
How can it compare to a boat, iron, and rope?
How could we defend against bullets and guns
Against armada fleets with slings and stone?
Branded by a name to last through all of time
Listen up manuelos we’re accused of a crime

Kahulu Chamoru, mungga manao

Pale San Vitores, Legaspi and his crew
Dubbed us thieves and savages, like animals in a zoo
La Islas La Drones is what we are named
For cultural clashes for the food and warmth we gave
These Euro-ruffians changed our sacred way of life
promoting new gods, new diseases and strife
Does this make us thieves, to be robbed of culture
A tiny spec of land amongst wolves and vultures

Kahulu Chamoru, mungga manao
Fan hongge Chamoru, para I taotao

In 1941 a new terror washed ashore
Pillaged our islands turned our beaches into gore
This beast from the east was unstoppable, too strong
Native naiveties could not fight what was wrong
They raped our daughters and they killed our sons
Slanted eyed aliens from the Land of the rising sun
How can we forgive all these crimes of war
Will it bring our chelus back from oh so very far?

Kahulu Chamoru, mungga manao
Fan hongge Chamoru, para I taotao

Finally, a friend came and gave us liberation
Red white and blue were there colors of his nation
This strange new creature seemed so friendly and so kind
Gave us his candy, made us drink his wine
Little did we know what intentions he had
Until we lost our culture, our government, our land
La Islas La Drones is the island for thieves
Hafa lai Chamoru ko pun sungun ha

Kahulu Chamoru, mungga manao
Fan hongge Chamoru, para I taotao

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