Friday, January 11, 2008

Ti Hita La'mon

Umesgen este ginnen i inetnon World Can't Wait.

Para hamyo ni' esta maleffa, gi i tinituhun, annai ma arresta i fine'nina na "enemy combatants" siha, mama'tinas i Pentagon "list." Gi este na lista ma pega todu i lugat ni' sina inos para u pinengle siha. Ma pega gi esta na lista, lao ti ma ayek, i na'ån i bunita na islå-ta, Guahån.

Ai, guaha nai ti hu hongge i binachet i taotao Guahån. Atan i kustumbren i Amerikånu siha yan i militat-ñiha! Ma chule' magi i geran-ñiha gi i Tiempon Chapoñes, ya ma kechule' magi ta'lo i geran-ñiha gi este na "War on Terror." Ya ai adai ta'lo, ti Hita la'mon. Ti Hita la'mon.

Todu tiempo, hu faifaisen maisa yu' este. "Ngai'an nai para ta atotga tumulaika este na estao-ta?”


The WORLD CAN'T WAIT is joining with the ACLU, Amnesty International and the National Religious Campaign Against Torture and others in actions around the country, with the key protest in Wash., DC demanding the shutdown of this vile prison and demanding an end to torture and indefinite detention. -

Join Observances of Int'l Day of Action to Shut Down Guantánamo in San Diego
Friday, January 11th NOON - 1pm San Diego Federal Bldg - Front Street (near Broadway) Friday Night from 4:00 to 5:30 PM Hillcrest: Corner of 6th & University. -- wear Orange and bring (signs, banners, T-Shirts ...)
Other things you can do:

1) Wear and distribute orange ribbons, armbands, etc. at your school, workplace, market, etc. Write the name of a Guantanamo detainee on each one. You can find a list of names -online f rom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .
There are also significant statistics (i.e., 86% were captured when bounties were offered) here.

2) Hang a Stop Torture banner from a building or freeway. PDF's available at under organizing materials.

Friday, Jan 11, 2008 will mark six years since the first prisoners were brought to the detention camp in Guantanamo. Many are still being held there, without charges brought against them, and no right to trial. We must show it or it doesn't count. It begins with you taking personal responsibility to show how you feel and where you stand: wear orange daily, spread orange everywhere, protest and speak out in every way you can. As this orange resistance spreads to millions who represent the majority sentiment, Bush and Cheney's illegitimacy to rule will stand out vividly before the world.

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